What the future holds.

How can this remote change the way you fish? By actually letting you fish. It uses GPS to lock onto fishing spots, record and retrace successful paths, set cruise control, and more. Smart, versatile and totally intuitive. Tell i-Pilot where you want to go, and it’ll deliver you there automatically. You’ll spend less time positioning your boat and more time setting the hook.

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Record A Track

Simply push the Record button and fish along your desired course. i-Pilot® will store that track to memory (up to six separate tracks). When you want to retrace a course, i-Pilot’s Playback functions will automatically guide your boat along the track. i-Pilot® can record your track (Start to End), for up to 3.2 kilometres. To retrace your path in either direction, just press the Track to Start or Track to End buttons. [/tab] [tab title="Spot-lock"] spot-lock


Spot-Lock works like an electronic anchor. Choose up to six separate spots for i-Pilot® to remember, and at the push of a button, it will correct for wind or currents to hold you in place. Spot-Lock recall lets you return to your spot later, from up to half a kilometre away. Select your spot, and if you drift more than 1.5 metres away, i-Pilot® will trigger your trolling motor to bring you back. [/tab]

[tab title="Cruise Control"]cruise-control

Cruise Control

i-Pilot’s Cruise Control function gives you unparalleled bait presentation by maintaining your actual on-the-water speed (in miles per hour) and allowing you to adjust your speed in 0.1 mile per hour increments. [/tab] [tab title="Advanced AutoPilot™"]advanced-autopilot

Advanced AutoPilot™

Simply point your trolling motor in the direction you want to head and activate Advanced AutoPilot™. i-Pilot® keeps you on your heading and delivers you there with GPS accuracy, while compensating for wind, waves, currents or drift. [/tab] [tab title="CoPilot™"] copilot


Our legendary CoPilot™ functions of speed, steering, on/off and high-speed bypass can all be controlled from your i-Pilot™ remote. Free yourself from the foot pedal and fish from anywhere on the boat. [/tab] [tab title="The Remote"] iPilot_remote

The Remote

i-Pilot’s clear, integrated, backlit LCD screen delivers instant feedback on active functions, speed, prop on/off status, battery power and GPS signal strength. All encased by a watertight, fully gasketed remote. Includes lanyard and carabiner. iPilot_remote-2 i-Pilot® accessory is available for Riptide® ST, Riptide® SP and PowerDrive™ V2 bow mount trolling motors (models post 2006). [/tab] [/tab_container]