Dean Norbiato

In my eyes, Minn Kota has long been the pinnacle of electric motors in Australia. From my very first model, I attached via a makeshift PVC bracket over 15-years ago, to today’s cutting-edge models, Minn Kota has always had one eye in the water and one on innovation.

I would honestly feel naked on the water without Minn Kota’s i-Pilot and Spot-Lock technology, as it simply gives you the unfair advantage. Whether that’s staying on a school of feeding Barra in a howling wind, or fighting the current when chasing the mighty Murray cod in the fast-flowing Murrumbidgee River.

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Aaron Hill

Having an electric motor on the boat has become so much more than simply being able to tactically troll lures. Unlocking Minn Kota features like i-Pilot and Spot Lock has revolutionised the way I fish, allowing me to invest more time in catching and less in searching for fish.

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David Welfare

I was lucky enough in the mid to late 1990’s to have one of the first Auto Pilot Minn Kota motors in Australia, and it changed the way I fish.

I’ve upgraded as new developments and models were released, and have stuck with Minn Kota for more than 20 years.

The reliability is second to none, and my current Ulterra’s auto deploy capability is incredibly convenient and time saving – It’s in the water before I get out of the seat!

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Lucas Allen

Having a Minn Kota mounted to my guiding vessel gives me total control of drifts along New Zealand’s flats. The ability to check out areas of interest is invaluable and can be the difference between a shot at a fish or being left wondering.

The nature of saltwater fly fishing means we’re often battling wind. Putting an angler in the best position to make an accurate cast is where the Minn Kota really excels and gives me peace of mind on the tough days.

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Bryn Mathew

Without my Minn Kota I could not fish. Targeting Murray Cod requires persistence and concentration. With the new Advanced Spot-Lock, my motor does all the work leaving me able to focus on fishing rather than positioning the boat.

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